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Displaying Your Photos

What's a better idea on Valentines Day than surrounding yourself with pictures of what you love? Having photos of your favorite travel destinations, your best pet, your kids artwork, or your beloved family on your walls are hands-down the most attractive things in a person's home, in my opinion. I confess, however, that I have a habit of buying frames, printing photos, and never putting the two together on a wall. I question their placement, their grouping, the color of the frames. And then I put them back in the closet. I asked for the help of photographer, Tracey Sanders of Tracey Sanders Photography and she provided me with a helpful booklet on how to group a variety of sizes of photos (available at your request).  In addition, I've noticed that Color photos in a grouping look nice with the same color of frame as the grouping. Black and White photos can use a variety of different frames while still looking cohesive.  If you are considering a project this Valentines Day week, I wanted to share some ideas that I have seen while showing homes and visiting friends:

  • Whimsical photos displayed on walls alongside a window seat.
  • Several oversized canvas photos in a dramatic grouping.
  • Photos of a favorite tree as it passes through the seasons.
  • A picture of a child at a special landmark, over the years.
  • A mirror in the center showing your viewer in the middle of your collage.
  • Black & White photos in a grouping using a bright color frame, like yellow or aqua with a few decorative pieces of that same color.
  • B&W photos in a grouping against a brightly colored accent wall.
  • A wood panel door turned horizontally and pictures fitted into the recessed panels (I saw this done with a decorative ceiling tile too).

If you've done a grouping that you are particularly proud of, please share and inspire me to get the photos out of the closet! And if you'd like a copy of Tracey's...