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Open House Poll

To show my sellers where advertising for open houses is most effective, I have produced this poll. Anyone attending my open house tomorrow will be provided with the multiple choice code to text their response. That information will be graphed and provided to my seller.  If you intend to come out tomorrow, during National Open House weekend, please make your selection either here or via text.

Thanks for your feedback!



New Website

I was at the grocery store this morning. In the past couple of weeks, the store has been undergoing some remodeling.  Items are not where I'm accustomed to them being, some aisles are so narrow only one cart can fit, and the staff is busy reshelving and reorganizing.  Despite the temporary inconvenience, I know the end result is going to be fantastic. This store has consistently proven to me their commitment to their customers. And upon check-out, I was again greeted with a service-oriented cashier and a friendly and effective bagger.  I left as pleased as always and excited for the better things to come.

And as I sit down this evening to start adding pages back to my website, I believe that my clients and customers will feel the same.  You see, a few months ago, I changed real estate firms.  The principle reason that I came to The Real Estate Group was that I recognized their deliberate dedication to pursuing the best technology to assist their agents in serving their clients. A tangible example of that was their highly functioning website, which surpassed any site that I have seen in the industry.  And promptly after committing to obtain the site, it underwent some changes to make it even better, including a mobile application.  The finished product was downloaded to WindysHomeSite on Thursday evening, replacing the site that I had designed and managed for years.  That original site was rich in content used by my clients and customers for reference and information.  And although I have the basic needs online and "open for business," I cringe that my visitors don't have that information on my site right now.  In the next month, I will be adding that content back to the "shelves" of my new site. And, like my local grocery store, I trust the visitors to the site will be excited to use the finished product.  During...