Painted Brick

When showing a couple of painted brick ranches this weekend, my clients asked if there was a benefit to painting brick beyond aesthetic.  I replied that some people have strong feelings of opposition to painted brick.  Buyers can be concerned that evidence of settlement or foundation issues can be hidden, however foundation issues can usually be observed in other ways. What I see as more of a concern is that if brick isn't properly painted, it will generally need to be repainted every 3-5 years, according to the Brick Industry Association. So a product that was essentially zero upkeep or expense has been changed to an item of regular maintenance and cost.  Further, after it has been painted over a number of times, it can look gloppy. A better choice if you absolutely have to change the look of the natural brick, is to stain it or use a lime wash. Stain absorbs into the brick surface better and therefore lasts longer. If considering painting brick to improve your curb appeal, consider that a future buyer might shy away from the unknown potential for future expense.  Plan the job carefully, have the job done professionally, and keep that information to earn the confidence of future buyers!

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