The Sale of Treasure Island

Baylake Pines legend has it that Blackbeard's pirates dug a channel through a peninsula in our neighborhood in the 18th century to create a Lookout for merchant ships on the bay. This island featuring a large wooded hill has been called Treasure Island or Blackbeard's Island. In the 1700's the Lynnhaven River flowed into what is now Lake Joyce through Pleasure House Creek, which provided a direct outlet to seize these ships. Edward Teach, better known as Blackbeard, reportedly found fertile pirating ground here and captured the sloop Betty off Cape Charles in 1717 and plundered Portugese Madeira wine and other "Bounty." From there he moved to the outer banks of NC apparently to retire. But his retirement was literally cut short by Captain Maynard, who brought Blackbeard's head back to Hampton, VA on the bow of his ship. Fast forward to the development of the neighborhood in the 1950s by the Collier family, with this island remaining in the family, untouched by development and enjoyed by nature. For decades, young explorers have made their way by boat to the island, famous for it's high hill and a magical rope swing (that disappears and reappears). Recently neighbors learned that the property was sold by the Collier family to Hayden Dubay of Dubay Properties. Will he find buried treasure? Random golf balls? An aged bottle or two of Madeira wine? Rumor has it that there will be an archaeological dig (as in the past at nearby lots) and the possibility of the exploration being a video documentary.

photo of Treasure Island from 1958
Blackbeard island 1950s.JPG


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