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With higher median home values than the surrounding cities, and more demand for coastal living, longtime Virginia Beach residents have experienced consistently increasing taxes. There are some tax relief programs aimed at serving veterans with disabilities ($27.5M FY2024-25 est) and the elderly and disabled ($15M FY2024-25 est). The city also offers reductions in personal property taxes for disabled veterans, personal boats, and machines/tools. Start-up businesses can also participate in tax relief by paying $0 license for their first two years in business. 

Virginia Beach Tax Relief options for Real Estate, Vehicles, and Mobile Homes are outlined here. And more details of the qualifications for senior and disabled real estate tax relief here: Qualifications for tax relief.

Virginia's Sales Tax Holiday is Aug 2-4, 2024 and is the perfect time to re-stock emergency supplies, school supplies, and clothing! See my Hurricane Prep page for more info on supplies. Find more info here to plan ahead and maximize your savings! Virginia Sales Tax Holiday 

Desite these tax incentives, residents in Virginia Beach have seen dramatic increases in the value of their homes and therefore their tax assessments. Occassionally, the tax assessor office gets the home value wrong. I had a client this year experience a 36% increase in their real estate taxes, which is substantially higher than the increase in market value! When I looked into it, the city applied a land value that was significantly above the value of neighboring properties. I provided my recommendations to contest the value and the city agreed with an adjustment. Providing exceptional value to you is my number one goal through information such as this! Let me know when something looks awry, and I will happily look into it with you.