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September & October Home Maintenance E-minder

Between getting my son off to his first year at college and a trip to Switzerland with little internet access, I let the home maintenance reminders slide. Lucky for us, the weather is now PERFECT for preparing the yard and exterior of your home for the upcoming hibernation season!

We've already had a couple of tropical events to serve as a reminder to keep water in good supply, so you can avoid any rush if a Hurricane develops. Keep that hurricane/emergency kit ready and hope you don't ever have to use it. If that kit isn't in shape, see the Hurricane Prep page.

Check for broken or cracked glass and damaged screen or storm windows. When the winter comes, critters will look for food and shelter under your home, so look at the crawl access too. 
Check for loose putty around window glass panes and fix so a driving rain stays outside. 
Inspect all soffit vents and other venting systems to make sure they are clear of debris. Mulch should not cover crawl space vents.
It's prime lawn care month for our region, so check out my Gardening Calendar for recommendations.

Close the pool before the leaves fall. This tip was given to me by a homeowner that experienced one too many leaf clean-outs. I recommend Drew from Bayside Pools (757) 652-0465. 

Clear gutters and downspouts and check for cracks and clogs. Ideally, during a rainstorm, check that drainage is moving away from the house.

Look over your windows and doors to ensure the good condition of your sealant and weather stripping. Clean out any blockages in your window wells. If there is any water damage, have that corrected.

If there are any bare wood surfaces, such as peeling paint, get at least one coat of primer and paint on there.
Check and seal any foundation cracks. 

Look for any signs of insect or pest activity, particularly at the foundation areas and any wood components close to the ground. I recommend Waterside Pest Services for annual inspections and policies (757) 630-1169.

Winter will bring more limbs down. Call your arborist to trim up dead limbs and trees. Trim any trees and shrubs, particularly any close to the home. I recommend Kono Tree Care at (757) 202-4788.

Have your HVAC serviced to be in top shape for the upcoming winter months. 

If you didn't have your chimney cleaned in the Spring, do it now. You will want the confidence to enjoy a crackling fire in the months to come. Remove soot and creosote buildup and have any gas leaks fixed.  I recommend Tidewater Chimney Sweeps for cleaning and inspecting (757) 456-0999.  You can take the soot and sprinkle in your garden bed (not the rhododendrons or azaleas).  

And while we are talking about fires, I recommend this Safety Ladder for those who have two or more stories:  X-It Escape Ladder. There are also bags to zip up small children and pets to help them escape safely in the tragic event of a fire.  

Let's keep the fires though in the firepit and the Jack-O-Lanterns for now and enjoy the beautiful autumn months!