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Please take a moment to review this page to make certain your home is operating as safely as possible. Also, let your neighbors know their "zone" when we have a weather event.

Parents can refer to the Safe Kids website for extensive information on keeping your home safe for various ages and special needs. Also, please refer to this link for additional Pool Safety tips.

Senior Home Safety: Poor lighting and unsecured rugs account for thousands of injuries each year to our aging citizens.  I appreciate this link for the comprehensive list of safety concerns for your aging parent or friend or self.  It even covers talking to strangers, which is an important reminder for our seniors.


Hurricane / Emergency Preparedness

Hurricane Preparation is an important factor of living in Hampton Roads.  Hurricane season in our area runs from June 1st to November 30th.  Developing a Family Disaster Plan and stocking an emergency supply kit in advance of the season will keep you from making hasty decisions and avoiding the rush for supplies before a storm.  I also encourage you to have a family discussion about where you might go during an evacuation (for hurricanes or other emergencies).  ReadyVirginia is an excellent source for lists of supplies for various ages and special needs and also includes an online plan and contact list.  The evacuation guide and storm surge maps are here too.  Every year in late May, the state provides us with a tax holiday for emergency supplies. Use the list of items from the above site, stock up during the tax holiday, and then enjoy the summer and fall knowing you are ready if a situation arise! 

Check here for an update radar report for weather systems.

Pet Owner Emergency Preparation and First Aid Kit: This webpage includes a pet first-aid kit that I recommend you have available at all times and tips for ensuring a safe haven for your precious pets.

And of our boating community can refer here for tips on protecting your watercraft during the storms: Boat Owners Preparation Tips.

Understanding Storm Surge and Flood Zones

I do highly recommend you carry flood insurance when living in Hampton Roads.  Being in a Low-Risk flood zone, I watched as a flash flood caused water to rise to the threshold of my back door.  Another inch and thousands of dollars of damage would have occurred.  If you have investment properties, your tenants would need to be relocated while remediation took place.  Floods are the #1 natural disaster in the United States and most of us are not insured against them!  In addition to understanding your Flood Zone, Storm Surge maps will provide a general idea of what to expect from tidal flooding during various categories of hurricanes. They do not indicate the depth of flooding or take into account flooding caused by waves or rainfall that accompany a hurricane.  Property throughout Hampton Roads are vulnerable to both tidal surges and 100 year flood events. To learn more, find your address to learn your storm surge and flood zones on Flood IQand view FloodSmart.gov. 

Evacuation Zones and Plans 

Know your evacuation zone. It is not the same as your storm surge zones. This is used to help officials make recommendations for the areas most at-risk and control traffic away from the danger areas. Book a REFUNDABLE hotel in a safe distance away--you can always cancel it later but can't always get a room if you wait. Bring your pets. Here is a list of pet-friendly hotels: www.PetsWelcome.com. If you have a horse, you really need to be the first one out to prevent the dangers of high winds on trailers. Let your neighbors know where you are going so they can reach you if needed. If you are staying, know what your neighbors are doing so you can assist if needed.

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!

How to stockpile food

Preparing your home for a disaster.

Leftover food and water can be donated to disaster areas or the Food Bank when the storm has passed.