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Mosquito Warfare!

Don’t let mosquitoes destroy your summer plans.  Taking measures to eliminate or reduce them will allow you to enjoy the great outdoors while also help to prevent West Nile Virus.

Report any dead birds you find to the city health department.  Go West Nile Reports

Scout your yard, roof, gutters, patio, porches, and decks for standing water and eliminate it!  Forgotten pots and containers are notorious breeding grounds.  In my neighborhood, pine needles are a favorite nesting place.

Plant citronella-scented geraniums in moveable pots and station them around as needed.   They grow to 3 feet.  They do well planted in the ground too, for a more permanent repellent.

Use a spray that contains DEET or lemon eucalyptus oil.  Wear long-sleeves when in an area of heavy concentration. 

A friend recently recommended using Listerine sprayed around your activity areas--I will be trying this soon.

To find out when your neighborhood will be sprayed, call or email your city’s Mosquito Hotline.  At spraying time, stay indoors to avoid coming into contact with the strong pesticide.

Virginia Beach:  hotline: 385-1590, Public Works (request spraying): 385-1470. Request an annual free spraying of your yard!

Chesapeake:  Hotline—382-3456


Portsmouth: 393-8666

Suffolk: Hotline—923-2011 or


Enjoy your summer!!